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Aircraft Circus Academy
Climate Positive - Cities
London Velo - Insta Short
Arab Cargo - Race Day
Rated People - Open House
Rock Bottom - Ice Climbing
Tallowin - Teaser Film
RED January - Lace Up
Archway Sessions
Naturally TV - Cinematography Reel
'Inside Donald Trump' by Andy Hamilton (Unbound promo)
'Creditors' (theatre promo)
'The Illustrated Wake' by Caroline Ross & Paul Kingsnorth
Dolo Mighty
Arab Cargo - Convoy
Nuovo Ensemble - This Christmas
Aerial Photography Reel
'Seas of Snow' by Kerensa Jennings (promo for Unbound)
Social Convention - Kickstarter
'Earth' by Nisha Chand (official music video / collaboration with Helen Nias)
'The Whip Donovan Adventures' by Brian Aldiss (Unbound promo)
'Like Water' by Morgan Crowley (official music video)
Es Pontàs - DWS Mallorca
ACA - Youth Class
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